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By July 29, 2012August 9th, 2019No Comments

Yesterday’s ferry ride from Jagna, Bohol to Cagayan de Oro was a stark reminder that the waters obey their Creator, & God hears the prayers of His children. Our 4 hr. ride took 6 and without exception, our entire team was seasick. As the 15 foot waves thrust at the ferry, tossing it & jolting the passengers, God’s people prayed and He delivered us. The captain of the ship was not to be found afterward. He went straight to church! Pastor Mike’s preaching that morning prepared us. What the devil doesn’t want us to know – He’s real, his power is limited and he can be rejected through the Spirit’s power, the Word of God and prayer. We must push through opposition. If we have no opposition, we are not getting Satan’s attention! You can’t preach the Gospel to over 280,000 people without being on Satan’s radar! Rather than being afraid, we were actually energized – knowing that the adversity we faced indicated GREAT things God plans to do this week. With fresh vigor, we plead for your prayers on our behalf. As I write teams are out going the Gospel. Please pray for the Spirit’s power on every individual preacher and protection from the evil one.

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