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Salvation Testimonies


By July 14, 2012August 12th, 2019No Comments

Ryan’s favorite client lay critically ill in the hospital. Under deep conviction that he needed to share the Gospel with him, Ryan writes, “I had yet to set up a Bible study since the Exchange and my GPS was still sitting on my dresser.” But after praying for boldness and an opportunity without distractions, Ryan took that step of faith! God met him with abundant grace. As they began to discuss spiritual things, a nurse began to care for the patient on the other side of the curtain. Ryan writes, “The loud talking on the other side of the curtain actually gave us more privacy than I ever expected. I was less self conscious about talking so loud so that E____ could hear me. And he listened intently without being distracted whatsoever. When I asked if he would like to place his trust in 100% Jesus, he said yes and read the prayer of salvation written on the GPS.” Four days later he passed away, expressing to his granddaughter that he was at peace with God.

What a reminded to the many “Exchangers” out there. Let’s “take the GPS off the dresser” and use it. May God empower us to see His transforming work in the lives of those around us!

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