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By July 14, 2014August 12th, 2019No Comments

GasimGod gave us a wonderful week of training in Kenya, where 13 area churches were represented. Our excitement upon receiving the following email from Pastor Mike Mesler is beyond description! Pastor Mesler and Gasim Domkog are beginning a church in South Sudan where Gasim grew up. At age 28 – with an empty heart, no peace and no hope – Gasim came to the USA where a friend gave him a Bible in Arabic. For 6 months he compared the Bible and his religion. The 10 commandments arrested his attention. God’s command not to kill and to love our enemies was in stark contrast to his religion which taught that killing infidels might merit heaven.  Finally Gosam was convinced that the Bible is the Word of God and in 2005 he put his trust in Jesus Christ!

This email came today form South Sudan – “Asante sana (Thanks much) for being with us in Kenya and giving us The Exchange training. This Sat. (July 12) I will be beginning to do the training with the members of the New Testament Baptist Church here in Juba. We are also praying that we will be able to begin our own Exchange Bible study with someone here this month.” – Missionary Mike Mesler

Many friends and loved ones contributed to our mission work. The results are even now beginning to come in. Thank you!

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