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Salvation Testimonies


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Dan & Jeff studying The Exchange during our seminar in Tucson

Dan & Jeff studying The Exchange during our seminar in Tucson

“Rodney and Nazareth began attending Desert Foothills Baptist Church a few months ago. Rodney is the barber for a man in our church. Rodney had been talking to this man (Josh) about his and Nazareth’s dissatisfaction with their works based church. Josh invited Rodney and Nazareth to come to church, AND THEY DID! After their visit to church, I stopped by their home to get to know them better. I asked them if they would be interested in doing a Bible study with the two of us. They enthusiastically agreed to do the 4-week Exchange Bible study. It took a while to coordinate our schedules but we finally started. On the second week of the study, Rodney said that as he had been studying and learning about the errors of his church. He had prayed and told God that He wanted a relationship with Him but he just wasn’t sure if he had truly repented and trusted in Christ alone. He stated that he would like to pray out loud with us, just to “put a stake in the ground” so that he could have witnesses and a date. He prayed a stirring prayer of repentance and faith and finished his prayer with, “Oh this is GREAT!” Nazareth said she wasn’t ready to take the same step, but the following week, she also prayed to trust in Christ. We are thankful for the opportunity that God gave us to be involved in His work in their lives. It is thrilling to see their enthusiasm and desire to deepen their relationship with God!”

– From Dan Budgick

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