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Focus on the Gospel

What happens when believers live with a Gospel focus? This testimony from one of our seminar participants answers that question!

During the Exchange training “God helped me come to know him better. When you are asked to memorize characteristics of who God is, are quizzed on them, and need to explain them multiple times to yourself and others, well, it’s very hard to hold them at a distance. I previously clearly understood that God is holy and just, but have had a harder time accepting that he is loving and gracious. Since the seminar now when I start to doubt God’s character, the memory work comes back to mind and asks me what choice I’m going to make – do I reject the doubt, or do I reject what I have memorized and affirm as truth? I went into the week anxious about the time commitment and the topic, and somehow came out of it rested and at peace physically, emotionally, and spiritually – I think because of the emphasis on who God is and the opportunity to bask in that.”

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