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Salvation Testimonies


By June 18, 2015August 12th, 2019No Comments

Greg & Amanda LittleDSC_8188 (1)It’s a rare person who doesn’t have some fear associated with evangelism. Here’s an exciting story from a young Canadian woman recently trained through The Exchange. Amanda and Greg are seeking support to go to Saint Lucia as missionaries. I could identify with Amanda’s transparent expressions of fear during our recent training event, but I was inspired by her commitment to overcome! We weren’t surprised at all to get a letter less than a week after our training letting us know that God opened a door and Amanda walked through it. Enjoy!

“I am praising the Lord… I had been burdened last week for my mom’s friend _____ who is so spiritual but does not know Jesus. She came over tonight and I had been praying all day that I would have an opportunity with no kids around that I could ask her if she wanted to do the Bible study with me. Well, the opportunity came, I claimed God’s promise… and not only did she say yes, I got to give her a Gospel presentation all the way to the Ask. She wanted to wait until we do the Bible study to continue… so we are meeting this Thursday night at 7:15 and she wants to do 2 at a time because our time here is drawing to an end. I am just so thrilled for the time you invested in us. Thank you… and I know you will, but please pray for our study on Thursday night!”

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