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Salvation Testimonies

First Fruits in Victoria

By January 7, 2012August 13th, 2019No Comments

Don Johnson from Victoria, British Columbia writes, “We tried a little experiment this fall… “Alpha-izing the Exchange” … we hosted a meal for four weeks at church inviting friends to come for supper and the Exchange.

A lady who has been attending church recently went through the material in her home (3 little kids made it hard for her to come to the Wednesday meetings). Debbi and Susan combined and she got to the end and realized she had never understood salvation by faith alone. She was sitting on the two chairs, not just one. Since then Debbi has started the Living the Exchange with her. After the first week, Debbi came back and Lisa said, “The assignment said to read one chapter of John each day, but I went ahead and read all seven the first night. Then I finished John and now I’m in Mark. Is that OK?” Yes! She said she had never felt this desire to read the Bible before and has a real excitement for the things of God. Her husband is in our Navy and is off in the Mediterranean. He is cautiously interested, so we will see what happens. He has promised to go through the material when he returns in March.”

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