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Salvation Testimonies

No Regrets!

By January 5, 2012May 23rd, 2019No Comments

Sadly, not all soulwinning endeavors turn out as we would wish. Carolee, from Bethel Baptist in Sellersville PA, had one such experience. Though Carolee witnessed to her high school Spanish teacher repeatedly, she went into eternity recently, never having professed to have accepted Christ. Carolee writes, “I have no regrets. I know I tried many times and she refused. If she did convert at the last min. I won’t know till I get to heaven.” Amid all the Jewish funeral arrangements “there was me – an example of God’s love for a lost Jewish person. I was her physical caregiver and spiritual educator and encourager right up to her death. Yet it appears she probably rejected the Love of God when she needed it most.” May this be a reminder to liberally give the Gospel to those God sends our way so that like Carolee, we have no regrets.

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