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Salvation Testimonies


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Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Glendale, Arizona is a beautiful place to worship! The following testimony was part of their Worship Introduction on December 29. This young couple’s salvation testimony is encouraging,

Saturday Seminar

Northwest Valley Baptist Church Exchange Seminar

and we are blessed that their discipleship has been done through The Exchange material.

(Lauren)Before we came here Henry & I had a different life. We did not grow up in Christian Homes or attend regular church services. We grew up in a small town in Massachusetts where we were exposed to a very limited world view. When my husband joined the military that all changed. While I was visiting Henry at his tcechnical training in Texas we decided to go to a chapel service where I heard the gospel for the first time. I was 23 years old. At that point in my life I was ready to accept Jesus as my savior. Looking back now I can see how God prepared my heart over the years. I practically ran down the aisle at the end of the service and told the chaplain “That thing you’re talking about, I need that!!” After years of trying to fix myself and failing, I realized that I couldn’t and I needed Jesus to save me. That day my helplessness turned into hope and understanding. Jesus saved my Soul.

(Henry)I grew up in a Catholic home where I knew of Jesus but I didn’t know Him. I was saved right here in this church on the first weekend of March 2012. After seeing the changes in Lauren’s life and seeing the way everyone here acted and presented themselves, I realized that I had the wrong relationship with Jesus, that I needed to trust him with everything. At that time I prayed earnestly for the first time asking God to save me. And at that moment God saw all that I used to be, all that I was and all that I will be and Christ took that judgment for my Sins, my wrong doings, my transgressions and gave me his righteousness and goodness. Through that wonderful exchange Jesus saved me. Since that day I have seen God’s blessings in my life grow.

(Lauren)Over the past few years we have watched God change our lives. Not only has he saved us individually but through us he has saved our marriage through great odds and trials. We have overcome obstacles that would have broken our worldly view of marriage. Day by day and moment by moment He saves us from ourselves.

(Henry)As I depart for deployment this week leaving my wife and our expectant child behind for the next year we have faith that Christ will guide us through this trial. That His grace will be sufficient because Jesus is Mighty to Save.

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