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Salvation Testimonies


By January 15, 2014August 9th, 2019No Comments

Pastor Mike Felber did a funeral last month for a man that had been saved in March. He was a hard man – not interested in the Gospel. When he got cancer, the only person who was willing to be involved enough in his life to help was a member of Northside Baptist Church who had been trained in The Exchange Seminar 2 years ago. Through the process of helping, he discovered that this man who had been his boss and had rejected every attempt to impact him with God’s Word was now ready to hear the truth. In a recent conversation between Pastor Felber and this soul winner, he mentioned that he was preparing to preach on holiness. The man began to easily recite the points of The Exchange Gospel outline. How thrilled Pastor Felber was to realize that The Exchange has become a way of life for many in his church.Patsor Felber

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