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Salvation Testimonies


By June 4, 2015August 9th, 2019No Comments

DSC_8166Yesterday, a young Venezuelan man sitting on the beach enjoying his last day of vacation in Aruba, found more than sunshine. He found the Son. Allan and Sheri, from Calvary Baptist in Warren Maine, were celebrating their anniversary. God answered Allan’s prayer for a divine appointment by burdening his heart for this young man as they walked past him. What a great reminder to constantly look for divine appointments, even on holiday!

Allan writes, “After we finished our walk, I went for my morning run. He was still sitting on the beach. I stopped and spoke with him briefly. Realizing I did not have a tract with me, I went back to the room to change and grab an Exchange tract.

I was asking the Lord to keep him there while I was gone. Praise God, he was still there. I spoke to him briefly asked him if I could give him the tract and come back and talk to him. He said okay. I continued walking while he read. I prayed that the Lord would open his heart. I was gone for maybe 20 minutes. When I came back, he asked me how he could find Jesus.

We spent over an hour talking. He placed his trust in Christ and expressed 100 percent confidence that his sins are forgiven and that he has a home in heaven.”

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