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Salvation Testimonies


By June 9, 2015August 12th, 2019No Comments

IMG_3628This story from Chris at Calvary Baptist of Warren, Maine is an inspirational reminder of the wisdom of relational evangelism.

Mike & Chris had met Jim & Donna through a political connection. Since they had no family in the area, Mike & Chris invited them to share Christmas dinner. Sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas together became a tradition and continued for several years. Eventually Donna was diagnosed with cancer & Chris’ burden for her salvation intensified.

After The Exchange training event in Warren, Chris put Jim & Donna on her Find Five List. “My hope was to be able to do the Exchange Bible study with both of them and my husband. (Chris & her husband Michael are the bookends on the above photo.)  I had been praying about getting together with Donna just to see how she was doing, but she and I both kept going away for one reason or another.  Finally, I just prayed that God would work it out if this was something He wanted to happen. One evening as we were finishing up dinner Donna called.  We chatted for a while and then she said, “Chris, really the reason I wanted to call was because I was wondering if you knew of anyone doing a Bible study.  I really want to learn more about the Bible.”  I was shocked!  Of course I offered to do the Exchange with her.”

Donna was from a religious background and thought the Bible study would just help her understand the Bible more. She had no idea she was lost. Due to her religious background, Donna was afraid it was almost prideful to say she was 100% sure; but through The Exchange study and specifically The Exchange chart she became convinced that she could be 100% sure of her salvation. Since putting her trust in Christ, she and Chris have done Living the Exchange and in Chris’ words, “She has been hungry ever since.”
What a reminder to follow our Savior’s example and mingle with unbelievers, invite them into our homes and life events with the goal of seeing them trust Christ.

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