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Salvation Testimonies


By June 12, 2015August 12th, 2019No Comments

DeannaI don’t know if it gets much better than this! This story has so many players. You’ll love the way God orchestrated these people to work together. Deanna, from Oakwood Baptist in Anderson (pictured here), is constantly mentoring other women. Tina is one of those women blessed to be mentored and taught evangelism by Deanna. She accepted Deanna’s ‘Who’s My One’ evangelism challenge. While working at a camp in Louisiana, Tina was able to lead her ‘one’ –  Jaylin – to Christ. Here’s the rest of the story! God prepared Jaylin through an older couple who met Jaylin’s mother at a restaurant where she worked. This older couple has been mentoring Jaylin’s family. When Tina opened the GPS to go through the gospel and showed Jaylin The Exchange Bible study she exclaimed, “That’s the book the lady gave my family!” Now Tina is having Living the Exchange mailed to Jaylin’s home where this godly older couple will disciple her. To top it all off, this older couple had paid Jaylin’s way to camp. Deanna write, “What a reward they are getting!”

This story inspires me to…

  • disciple other believers in evangelism
  • to give and accept challenges
  • and most of all to recognize that behind the scenes God is at work – using other believers along with my gospel witness. Just imagine what it will be like when we get to heaven and learn the details and varying people God used to bring each soul to Christ.

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