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Salvation Testimonies


By January 22, 2012August 13th, 2019No Comments

In the church lobby this morning a sweet believer voiced frustration that she wasn’t the soulwinner she wanted to be. Her next words grabbed my attention, “But I’m a good girlfriend.” She was beginning to understand that the relationships God has given her are sovereignly designed by God to reach those people with the Gospel. Being a “good friend” means sharing the Gospel with them. As she began to learn about The Exchange: An Inquirer’s Bible Study you could watch the light in her eyes as she recognized this as a tool she can use. May we be “good friends.” What a great launching pad for learning to live Great Commission lives.”

But “here’s the rub.” Most believers don’t have good friends who aren’t already believers. We have become insulated from our world. Jesus was known as “a friend of sinners.” Are we? If not, can we? Yes! Surrounding us are people who need the Lord – mom’s at the park, strangers seated beside us on an airplane, frustrated people in long lines, neighbors… “Father, open our eyes that we may see people through your eyes and introduce them to You – the great friend of sinners.

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