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Pebble Effect Evangelism

By February 16, 2022No Comments

You can make a difference! Consider the untold number of ripples that follow when one small stone is dropped into the water. This beautiful evangelism story from Ray and Tiffany Anderson illustrates the ripple effect that can and should happen when a soul meets Jesus!

In 2014 The Exchange held an evangelism/discipleship seminar at Bay City Baptist where Sue was encouraged to make a “Find Five” list of people in her sphere of influence who needed the gospel. Sue accepted a challenge to invite someone to do The Exchange Bible study. She invited her coworker, Deb, who readily agreed, and they began to study over their lunch break. When Deb trusted Christ, she was the 1st ripple in the water as Sue dropped in the stone.

Sue helped Deb find a church in her area and she began attending Lakeshore Baptist, pastored by Ray Anderson (pictured above). She brought her sister and her two children to church. They all trusted Christ – 3 more ripples in the water.

Deb and her boyfriend, Bill, wanted premarital counseling; so, Pastor Ray began with The Exchange, adding a 4th ripple in the water as Bill trusted Christ as His Savior.

Deb’s brother began The Exchange with Ray, and when they got together for Lesson Two, Ray could see in this man’s eyes that he had already trusted Christ as he studied independently that week. Ripple #5! His girlfriend made a profession of faith, but as so often happens, she never bore fruit and faded away.

Deb then shared the gospel with her father who was in a nursing home. You guessed it! Anthony gave his life to Jesus – Ripple #6!

Dear believer, you can make a difference! Just give the gospel a chance to make a difference in the people in your sphere of influence. Only God knows how many ripples will extend from your life!

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