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Salvation Testimonies


By February 12, 2022February 14th, 2022One Comment

“There must be more!”

This thought seemed to lay at the back of Eric’s mind. Though he was raised Catholic, in his teen years he walked away, not to return to church for 25 years. He and his wife, Sara, became teenaged parents. He struggled with addictions and by the age of 30, Eric found himself in a very dark place.

Eric grieved deeply when his godly grandmother passed away, leaving him with the inner knowledge that there must be more to life than the pain he was experiencing. He just didn’t know where to find it!

Life was finally coming together! He quit his addictions, began to lose weight through cycling, and pursued his associates degree in Electro-Mechanical Technology. And then he met Andy, a cycling buddy. They began to discuss God – a little here and a little there. Eventually, Andy invited Eric to study The Exchange. During this time, a major catalyst in his journey was observing Sara’s cousin use her cancer as a tool to glorify God. How could she express thankfulness to God and witness to people up to the day she passed away?

Eric and Sara began visiting Andy’s church, Bay City Baptist, while the two of them continued to study The Exchange. Andy patiently answered his questions and described God as waiting for Eric with open arms. When Andy asked the question, “Are you 100% sure your sins are forgiven, and you are going to heaven?” Eric answered, “I am not certain I would.” They didn’t even make it past Lesson 2! That night, January 26, 2016, Eric was born again after years of being antagonistic toward anything to do with faith.  Eric writes, “I turned my life towards Jesus and was baptized a few weeks later. I will never look back!”

In 2019 Eric and Sara took a life-changing mission trip to Zambia, and then in 2020 Sara began to fight colon cancer. Throughout these critical times, Eric wondered, “Is there more?” And indeed, there was. God was moving their hearts to a life of ministry. Eric and Sara sold their home, receiving more than the asking price and sold their belongings through an incredible one-day rummage sale where they providentially met a woman who is involved in SOWERS (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready). She introduced them to this wonderful non-profit RV ministry. They feel a calling to do more. They were able to purchase just the right RV, finding it just down the street! May God use Eric and Sara to disciple many souls to Jesus through their new ministry as SOWERS.

What a powerful example Andy shows us of turning cycling into a way to meet unbelievers who need the gospel. And praise God for using all the events of life – good and bad – to draw unbelievers to faith in Christ.

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  • Tina says:

    I want to say “unbelievable!!!”, but I really shouldn’t be surprised at the power of the gospel! Such an inspiring full-circle story of redemption and discipleship. I have a Catholic piano teacher friend I’m praying for and planting seeds with and this story increased my faith and resolve to continue and not grow weary in well-doing. Thx for posting! So faith-strengthening!! There are so many more Andy’s out there!

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